Double Fillers to form a Meaningful Sentence – 3


Each of the following questions has one or more blank spaces indicating where a word/words has been left out. Following each sentence, four words or sets of words lettered a to d have been given. You have to select the appropriate word or set of words to make the sentence most meaningful.

Welcome to your Double Fillers to form a Meaningful Sentence - 3

Football evokes a ___ response in India compared to cricket, that almost ___ the nation.
Social studies, science matters of health and safety, the very atmosphere of the classroom —these areas are few of the ___ for the ___ of proper emotional reactions.
When children become more experienced with words as visual symbols, they find that they can gain meaning without making ___ sounds.
Learning is more efficient when it is ___. It is less efficient when it is ___.
To a greater or lesser degree all the civilized countries of the world are made up of a small class of rulers ___ and of a large class of subjects ___.
Simple arithmetic tells us that there is more ___ than ___.
As a step towards protesting against the spiralling prices, the farmers have decided to stage a picket in an effort to ___.
Science is a sort of news agency comparable ___ to other news agencies.
Most political leaders acquire their position by causing a large number of people to believe that these leaders are ___ by altruistic desires.
Everyone will admit that swindling one's fellow beings is a necessary practice; upon it is based the really sound commercial success formula — ___.