Jurisprudence CCSU LL.B. Ist Semester Examination, Dec. 2014 Law – I K-1001



LL.B. Ist Semester Examination, Dec. 2014

Law – I

Jurisprudence (K-1001)

Time Three Hours} {Maximum Marks : 100

Note: Attempt all the sections as per instructions.


Note: Attempt all questions.

1. Define Natural Law.

2. Define ‘Social Solidarity’.

3′. Write in short the contribution of “Maine”.

4. What is the contribution of ‘Hart’ to jurisprudence.

5. What is the Kohler’s theory of natural law?


Note: Attempt any two questions:

6. Write a short note on Roscoe Pound’s “Social Engineering”.

7. “Law is the command of Sovereign”. Comment.

8. Explain the ‘Volksgeist Theory’ of law.


Note: Attempt any three questions.

9. Discuss in brief the definition, nature and scope of jurisprudence.

10. Write a detailed essay on the ‘Realist movement’ of jurisprudence.

11. Discuss the Kelsen’s Pure theory of law in detail.

12. According to Austin jurisprudence can be divided into ‘General and Particular’. To what extent do Kelsen and Salmond agree with this view?

13. Discuss the theory of Natural Law given by ‘Rudolf Stammler’. fully.