Professional Ethics, Accountability of Lawyers and Bar-Bench Relation CCSU LL.B. 3rd Semester Examination, December 2015 Law-5 K-3005


LLB. Examination, Dec., 2015 LAW
Professional Ethics Accountability of Lawyers and Bar Bench Relation
[Time : Three Hours] [Maximum Marks : 501]
Note : Attempt all the sections as per instructions.

Section A
(Very Short Answer Questions)

Note : Attempt all the five questions. Each question carries 2 marks.

1. What is professional misconduct ?

2. Who is an advocate ?

3. What do you understand by the word ‘State’ ?

4. What do you mean by Secular State ?

5. What do you mean by writs ?

Section – B
Note (Short Answer Questions)

Note : Attempt any two questions. Each question carries 5 marks.

6. What do you mean by contempt of court ? Discuss in short.

7. Discuss the nature and importance of legal profession in short.

8. Discuss the ‘Writ of Prohibition’.

Section – C
(Descriptive Answer Questions)

Attempt any three questions. Each question carries 10 marks.

9. Define ‘Advocate’. What are the persons who are entitled to be enrolled as an Advocate on State Roll ?

10. Describe the various obligations of a lawyer.

11. What are the various professional misconduct ? Explain
them with reference to the latest case laws.

12. What are the powers of the disciplinary committee relating to the enquiry made against an advocate for professional misconduct? Discuss.

13. What are the various kinds of contempt of court ? Explain the meaning and nature of contempt of court.