Solve Questions of Comprehension Passage – 8

Comprehension passage
 Direction Read the passage carefully and pickout the suitable answer response from among the options given at the end of each question.
Sherlock Holmes was the first of all the star, book detectives and he is still the greatest. He is perhaps known to more people than any other character in fiction. You have probably seen pictures of him—a powerful man of six-foot-two, dressed cape and deer-stalker hat, with a pipe in his mot,.: and a magnifying glass in his hand. Yet it was not rli$ appearance that made Sherlock Holmes famous. tt, his marvellous powers of detection. In The Nor,ot Builder, a popular Sherlock Holmes story, a young man rushes into Holmes sitting-room at 221 B Bair: street, “I am John Mc Farlane” he says, panting heavily. Sherlock Holmes lazily replies’. “Yce mentioned your name as if I should recognize 1, I assure you that beyond the obvious facts that you we a bachelor, a solicitor, a Freemason, and an asthmatic, I know nothing whatever about you.” Of course, Holmes was doing no more than using ins eyes cleverly. He noticed that his visitor’s clothes seeded repairing -a sign that he was not married. A legal form in the man’s pocket told homes that he was a lawyer. From his watch-chain hung a charm worn only by members of the Society of Freemasons. He was also panting in a way that suggested he had asthma.
1. Sherlock Holmes pictures show him dressed in a
(A) Cap and deer stalker boots
(B) Cape and doe coloured boots
(C) Cape and deer stalker hat
(D) deer skin cape and stocky hat
2. Sherlock Holmes was fond of smoking.
(A) Cigars
(B) Pipe
(C) Cheroot
(D) Cigarettes
3. Sherlock Holmes deduced that McFarlane was a bachlor, a solicitor, a freemason and asthmatic because
(A) Mc Farlane had a law degree in his pocket, a bottle of anti-asthmapills in his hand, shabby clothes and the typical free mason badge on his coat
(B) Mc Farlane had a legal form in his hand. asthma pills in his pocket, freemason amulet on his arm and a lost look on his face
(C) Mc Farlane had a legal form in his pocket, his dress needed repairs, he had a freemason charm round his neck and he was fuming
(D) Mc Farlane had a legal form in his pocket, the free mason charm on his watch chain, his clothes needed repairs and he was panting
4. Sherlock Holmes’ greatest asset was
(A) his power to draw conclusions
(B) his keen sense of observation
(C) his magnifying glass
(D) his ability to see through people
5. Sherlock Holmes still remains the greatest story detective means
(A) he was the best among writers of detective stories
(B) he was not a real person but a character from fiction
(C) his marvellous deeds have been immortalized in a large number of short stories
6. What made Sherlok Holmes famous was
(A) his stately appearance
(B) his pipe and hat
(C) his address at 221 B Baker street
(D) his marvellous powers of detection.