Spot the Grammatical Mistake/Error in Sentence – 2


DIRECTIONS for Questions: In each question, there are three to five sentences. Each sentence has pair/s of words/phrases that are highlighted. From the highlighted words / phrase(s) select the most appropriate word(s) / phrases to form correct sentences. Then from the options given choose the right sequence

The machine is made up of discrete(A)/discreet(B) parts.
Ramu is a voracious(A)/loquacious(B) reader and has read over 10,000 books.
My neighbour is such a fearsome(A)/fearful(B) man that none of us dare to open the door.
Shekhar Kapur has been approached(A)/broached(B) for writing the foreword(A)/forward(B) for the
The latter(A)/later(B) half of the movie was extremely gripping.
I wean(A)/ween(B) that she must have come from heaven.
The marketing manager was asked to garner(A)/gauge(B) key facts and figures from the dealers.
The river has been continuously(A)/continually (B) flowing since ages.
It is sad that he has become rather complacent(A)/complaisant(B) in his duties towards his office.
The sledge(A)/hedge(B) was made up of bushes.
Nowadays it is very rare to find empathy(A)/sympathy(B) in bollywood actresses.
The climate is so salubrious(A)/lugubrious(B) that one feels like staying here forever.
After a visit to the church, Sudeep felt surged(A)/purged(B) of all his pent up emotions.
Looking at the dry spell in the past month, a short spell of rainfall seems imminent (A)/eminent(B).
Radha could no longer bear the banter(A)/saunter(B) of her mother-in-law.
The dog groaned(A)/growled(B) at the stranger forcing him to run.
This suite(A)/suit(B) has a gracious fall.
I will have to be very circumspect(A)/circumscribe(B) in editing this article as it has been written by a
Please do not offer unnecessary advise (A)/advice(B) to people.