WordPart of SpeechMeaningSynonymsAntonymsExample
EnsureVerb(पक्का करना)
To make sure of. To guarantee.
Assure, Establish, Insure, EffectEndanger, Harm, Hurt, NeglectYou need to ensure the safety of all your family members.
To determine something or to make a judgment. To estimate officially the value or amount of something.
Appraise, Check, Nick, Fix, LevyGive, RemitThe damages caused due to cyclone were assessed by the committee.
The state of being prepared. The state of preparation.
Alertness, Mobility, Preparation, ZealThe defence committee assessed the preparedness of the Indian Army at the potential warfront.
PandemicNoun(वैश्विक महामारी)
A Disease occurring over a wide geographic area.
Broad, Common, Comprehensive, EmpyreanExclusive, Incomplete, Individual, Infrequent, ParticularThe Covid-19 pandemic is the worst situation in modern times.
Compulsory or required by law.
Binding, Compulsory, Obligatory, Essential, Forced, ImperativeFree, Inessential, Optional, Secondary, VoluntaryIt should be mandatory to disclose all sources of income for the politicians.
SpreeNoun(आनंद का उत्सव)
An unrestrained indulgence in an activity.
Binge, Fling, Frisk, Frolic, OrgyThe Indian cricket team is on a winning spree.
To put as by an authority. To force something to be obeyed.
Appoint, Foist. Demand, Charge, FineDisorder, Displace, Forget, OverlookThe high court bench imposed a million-dollar fine for breaching the right to privacy on the company.
Appropriateness to the purposes.
Decency, Decorum, Form, Correctness, Legitimacy, MoralityDishonesty, Disagreement, Incompatibility, LawlessnessI often go to high-class parties to observe the proprieties.
Something that is carried. Something that is oppressive, worrisome, or obligatory.
Chorus, Refrain, Haul, Concern, Onus, Anxiety, Difficulty, StrainAdvantage, Aid, Assistance, BenefitThe tasks were a burden for Rahul.