The terms ‘ damage ‘ and ‘ damages ‘ are not synonymous in meaning . The term ‘damages ‘ is not also plural form of the term ‘ damage’ . The real meaning of the term ‘ damage ‘ differs from the term ‘ damages ‘. Distinction between the two terms are shown in the following tabular form .

  Damage Damages.
1. The term damage means injury caused by any wrongful act . On the other hand , damages means the compensation awarded by the Court for the injury caused by the wrongful act.
2. Injury means injury to any legal right such as loss of money , health , property , comfort , mental peace or the like . But the term damages means the sum claimed for injury to the legal right in order to compensate the loss .
3. The word damage tends to say infringement of a legal right by the defendant to the plaintiff. While damages means pecuniary compensation awarded by the Court to the plaintiff for damage caused by the defendant .