Directions (Q.Nos. 21-30) In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

Long time ago, there lived a group of rats under a tree (21). One day, a group of tigerS in search of water passed that way and (22) the homes of the rats. As a result, many of them were crushed to (23). The king of rats decided to (24) the tiger king and requested him to use another route. The tiger king (25) to this and took another route to the water, so the lives of the rats were (26). One day, a group of (27) came to the forest and trapped the tigers in huge nets, Then, the tiger king suddenly remembered the king of (28). He summoned one of the tigers of his herd which had not been trapped to go and (29) the king of rats. On listening to the tiger, the king of the rats took his entire group of mice and they cut open the nets which (30) the tiger herd. In this way, the tigers were set free by the rats.

21. A. Destructively B. coldly C. Peacefully D. silently E. mildly

22. A. built B. contaminated C. entered D. infested E. destroyed

23. A. sleep B.death C. torture D. fall E. powder

24. A.serve B.lure C.said D.approach E. teach

25. A.convinced B.ignorant C.tempted D.rejoiced E.agreed

26. A.harmed B.numbered C.troubled D.saved E.ruined

27. A.animals B.hunters C.kings D.friends E.fisherman

28. A.rats B.forest D.elephants E.tigers

29. A.banish B.rescue D.address E.tigers

30. A.fascinated C.trapped D.touched E.housed

Answers and Explanations

21. (c)

22. (e)

23. (b)

24.  (d)

25. (e)

26. (d)

27. (b)

28. (a)

29. (c)

30. (c)