LL.B. Examination, June 2015

Law of Taxation


Note : Attempt all sections as per instructions.

Section – A

Note : Attempt all questions. 5×4=20

1. Classify assessees according to status and residence.

2. Define ‘Previous Year’.

3. What is ‘Gross Total Income’?

4. Explain the word ‘Person’.

5. What is ‘belated return’?

Section – B

Note : Attempt any two. 10×2=20

6. What are the test to determine the residential status of individual?

7. Explain the transactions which are excluded from the meaning of ‘transfer’ for the purposes of capital gains.

8. What do you understand by Self Assessment?

Section – C

Note : Attempt any three. 20×3=60

9. Define ‘Salary’. State with examples incomes which are included in salary.

10. “Tax evasion is violation of law while the tax avoidance is not”. Discuss. What are the pro-visions in Income-Tax Act. 1961 to cope with tax avoidance?

11. ‘Amendment in Income Tax Law have been so frequent that it is beyond common man’s approach”. Comment on the relevance of this statement.

12. Explain the meaning of “annual value” of the house property. How is the annual value determined?

13. What are ‘Capital Gains’? Discuss in detail.