WordPart of SpeechMeaningSynonymsAntonymsExample
A person or something who initiates a major change.
Angel, Foregoer, Forerunner, PrecursorThe development of the vaccine was seen as a harbinger to end the pandemic.
A deviation from the common rules.
Aberration, Exception, Oddity, Oddment, Rarity, InconsistencyConformity, Normality, Regularity, SamenessGrowing saffron in this part of the country is an anomaly.
OstensiblyAdverb (प्रकट रूप से)
Apparently and Seemingly
Evidently, Presumably, Putatively, SupposedlyImprobably, Obscurely, UnlikelyRajesh was supposed to come at 5 PM, ostensibly he is not coming at all.
AlleviateVerb(शान्त करना)
To reduce the pain of something.
Relieve, Allay. Ease, Mitigate, PacifyIncrease, Intensify, Irritate, Agitate, Incite, UpsetIt is the role of UNO to alleviate any warlike development across the globe.
To hold an informal conference.
Advice, Confab, Confabulate, Confer, ConsultQuiet, SilenceThe industrialist parleyed with the villagers to tell about the benefits of the industry to be set up in their village.
Causing or tending to cause impairment of strength.
Exhausting, Taxing, Draining, SappingStrengthening, BolsterHe always had a debilitating fear of public speaking.
MissiveNoun(राजनीतिक संदेश)
A written communication.
Dispatch, Epistle, Memo, LetterSilence, SpeechHe received a missive from the authority regarding his tax return.
To think with reason.
Horizon, Reason, Acumen, AnalysisReality, Truth, Irrationality, NonsenseHe was trying to prove his point by providing facts, I think he was rationalizing.
PencillingVerb(लिखना या बनाना)
To write or draw.
Address, Compose, Create, DraftDestroy, Ignore, Ruin, KeepThe parley organized by the CEO before pencilling any final decision is appreciated by all.
PatchworkNoun(सिले हुए टुकड़ों का काम)
Something made up of a variety of pieces.
Jumble, Plaid, Miscellany, TartanCalm, Method, Order, SystemThe Amber Fort is a patchwork of three different generations.
RollbackNoun(वापस लेना)
A return or withdrawal to an earlier level or stage.
Abate, Abolish, Abrogate, CompromiseDisagreement, Denial, Difference, FightingThe government ordered a rollback of three farm laws.
To return to life or to restore consciousness.
Reanimate, Recharge, Arouse, EncourageBore, Break, Damage, Depress, Agitate, WeakenThe NGO was trying to revive the greenery in the neighborhood.