Direction: Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end by picking out the most suitable response to each question.
Philosophy means and includes five fields of study and discourse : logic, aesthetics, ethics, politics and metaphysics. Logic is the study of ideal method in thought and research : observation and introspection, deduction and induction, hypothesis and experiment, analysis and synthesis-such are the forms of human activity which logic tries to understand and guide; it is a dull study for most of us and yet the great events in the history of thought are the improvements men have made in their methods of thinking and research. Aesthetics is the stucly of ideal form, or beauty; it is the philosophy of art. Ethics is the study of ideal conduct, “The highest knowledge,” said Socrates, “is the knowledge of good and evil, the knowledge of the wisdom of life.” Politics is the study of ideal social organization. It is not, as one might suppose, the art and science of capturing and keeping office. Monarchy, aristocracy, democracy, socialism, anarchism, feminism-these are the dramatis personae of political philosophy. And, lastly, metaphysics is the study of the ‘ultimate reality’ of all things; of the. real and final nature of matter, of mind, and of the interrelation of ‘mind’ and matter’ in the process of perception and knowledge.
1. Logic encompasses (i) observation and introspection (ii) deduction and induction (i) hypothesis and experiment (iv)analysis and synthesis
(A) (i) & (ii)
(B) (ii) & (iii)
(C) (ii) & (iv)
(D) all of these.
2. Logic has helped mankind
(A) to understand the mystery of life
(B) to improve their methods of thinking and research
(C) to lead a better life
3. Ethics is
(A) the study of religion
(B) the knowledge of good and evil
(C) the study of tha concept of Beauty.
4. Politics is
(A) the art of gaining power and retaining it
(B) the science of good governance
(C) the last refuge of the scoundrel
(D) the study of ideal social organization
5. The phrase dramatis personae here means
(A) characters in the political drama
(B) important aspects
(C) essential ingredients
6. Metaphysics is the study of
(A) the superiority of mind over matter
(B) the physical aspects of matter
(C) the ultimate truth that is the foundation of life
7. Socrates must have been
(A) an aesthete
(B) a politician
(C) a philosopher
(D) a political thinker
8. A suitable title for this passage can be
(A) A Guide to Philosophy
(B) The Truth of Politics
(C) The Dramatis Personae of Political Philosophy
(D) From Logic to Ethics