Direction: Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end by picking out the most suitable response to each question.
Not all those who know something about offering goods to customers or even about selling can become real salesmen. You cannot become real salesman unless you have real strength, the strength to face people who dont want to face a salesman, the strength to face and master the demands of a strenuous profession, the strength to find and face their own shortcomings and correct them. Too many people never realize these facts. Selling is a profession that cannot be learned in the flick of an eyelid. Being tired of some other job doesn’t make a man into a salesman; neither does the vague hope of making money in a hurry. Selling demands professional knowledge just as any other profession does. It is no job for people who just want to pick up easy money. The selling career is an exciting career but it is hard and exacting too. The salesman’s personality is under a pressure that most people can’t take. He must feel at ease, cordial and friendly in the presence of people who have little or no wish to see or to listen to him. In the face of their hesitation he has to make them aware of needs which they did not realize and on which they quite likely do not want to spend money. He must be tactful and agreeable, yet energetic and firm enough to gain a hearing and to gain it without using methods that will make his prospect regret the interview.
1. A Suitable Title for this passage can be
(A) What They Do Not Teach You At A Business School
(B) How To Be A Successful Salesman
(C) The Unfriendly Knock At Your Door
(D) Selling Exacting or Exciting
2. Selling is a profession
(A) that can be learned in a business school
(B) that depends solely on your ability to see things
(C) that is tough, challenging and demands great strength
3. Selling is not a profession
(A) for people who have no training at a business school
(B) for those who cannot learn things at the flick of an eyelid
(C) for those who are tired of their job and want to make a fast buck
(D) for those who are not destined to be salesmen
4. Selling is an exciting career but it also
(A) is full of uncertainty
(B) offers avenues for making easy money
(C) is quite risky
(D) is exacting and demanding
5. A salesman should be confident, friendly and cordial
(A) even under grave provocation
(B) for these are the essential qualities of this profession
(C) to those who treat him as an unwelcome intruder
6. A successful salesman is one who
(A) makes you aware of your needs and caters for them
(B) makes you buy what you had not planned to buy
(C) sells you useful articles at your door step
(D) makes you treat him as an honoured guest