Direction : Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow the passage, based on the options to each question.

The great advantage of the electric train over the steam train. I think, is that it does not smell. When you are in a train drawn by a steam locomotive, you always have the unpleasant odour of burning coal around you. If you open the window to look out at the view and to get some fresh air, your are covered with little bits of coal-ash which gets into your hair and eyes and soon forces you to shut the window again and withdraw into the ‘impure atmosphere of your compartment. In a tunnel, your misery reaches a peak, for there the smoke is forced into a small area, from which it escapes into the train itself through any small cracks it may find. In a long tunnel, the smell grows worse and worse, while your eyes smart and the electric light in the carriage grows dim, hidden behind the wreathing smoke.

With an electric locomotive, on the other hand, you can enjoy the view and the fresh air witho’ut inconvenience. I really think that part of, the extra joy one gets out of travelling through the Alps or the Tyrol by train is due to the fact that the trains there are electrically operated, so that the traveller who has become used to having his air dirtied by smoke, and considers such a state of affairs as normal, believes that there is something extra-special-indeed, almost magical about the Tyrolese air. Of course, mountain air is, inevitably, purer and fresher than the air of the plains, but the smoke of a steam train would not allow this state of affairs to last long.

1. Why does one get an unpleasant smell in the steam train?

(A) because no fresh air can enter the train

(B) because coal gives out unpleasant smell when it burns

(C) because the steam trains are very old and foul-smelling

2. What forces you to close the windows of a steam train?

(A) it is very noisy outside

(B) there is no fresh air outside

(C) little bits of coal-ash get into the viewer’s eyes and hair

3. Why does one feel miserable when the steam train passes through a long tunnel ?

(A) one cannot see things

(B) the train gets very noisy

(C) the atmosphere inside the train becomes smoke-filled and eyes begin to pain

4. What advantages does one have when one travels by an electric locomotive

(A) one can have a full view of things outside and breathe fresh air

(B) one can travel to the mountains

(C) one can travel to any part of the world

5. Alps and Tyrol are names of.

(A) cities in the plains

(B) mountains

(C) tunnels

6. odour (line 3) refers to.

(A) smoke

(B) smell

(C) ash

7. The author seems to suggest that

(A) steam engines should be banned

(B) all trains should be pulled by electric engines

(C) passengers should be issued air filters during journey