Direction: Read the following passage and pickout the right option to answer the questions that follow the passage.
Dandruff is often the cause of falling hair and to have beautiful hair you must first try to cure this. Dandruff is a scalp disease. If you bring about a change in your diet and living habits, consume more fresh fruits and drink plenty of water, you will be tackling the problem at the..grassroots level. Light oil massage with hot coconut oil followed by steam often helps to dislodge the flakes. You can even apply coconut oil overnight and apply the juice of one lemon one hour before shampooing. This can he a good weekly treatment for the scalp. Henna is a natural product which also helps to control dandruff infections. Henna promotes hair growth, restores health and also conditions hair to a soft luxuriant, shiny soft texture. You should also go in for a medical check-up to see if there are any internal problems and start to take a health tonic.
I. Dandruff can be controlled by
(i) changing dietary habits and life style.
(ii) consuming dry fruits and mineral water.
(iii) use of fresh fruit and plenty of water.
(A) (i) & (ii) (B) (ii) & (iii) (C) (i) & (iii) (D) all of these
2. Dandruff is often the cause of
(A) falling hair (B) beautiful hair (C) tangled hair
3. Henna is a wonderful natural product but it cannot
(A) control dandruff infections
(B) give hair a gloss and soft texture
(C) cure baldness
(D) condition hair
4. A medical check up will help you know
(A) if your treatment for dandruff is working
(B) if you have any internal problems leading to dandruff
(C) which tonics you should take
5. You can dislodge flakes from the scalp by
(A) applying lemon juice to hair
(B) light oil massage with hot coconut oil followed by steam
(C) apply coconut oil overnight and shampooing next morning
6. Dandruff is primarily a
(A) skin disease (B) dietary disorder (C) scalp disease