WordPart of SpeechMeaningSynonymsAntonymsExample
An act of putting something into effect.
Application, Discharge, Employment, AchievementNonfulfillment, Nonperformance, Dissatisfaction, IdlenessThe implementation of policies to save the environment will determine the future.
The customs and regulations related to diplomatic formality
Agreement, Code, Obligation, PactDisagreement, Rudeness, Crudeness, ImpolitenessThe security protocol for the state leaders is very strict.
HubNoun(एक गतिविधि का प्रभावी केंद्र)
 A centre of activity.
Core, Focus, Heart, Pivot, Axis, Base, Capital, LocusExterior, Outside, SurfaceThe Mall has become the hub of the city.
Remaining strict or determined
Determined, Dogged, Ferocious, HarshCompassionate, Easy, Gentle, FlexibleThe company was relentless in its approach to achieving the targets.
The act of keeping awake or alert at times when sleep is customary. 
Observance, Patrol, Attention, AwarenessDisregard, Indifference, Neglect, IgnoranceThe watchman was supposed to be vigil instead of sleeping.
A person who walks before a person of higher rank.A person who escorts other persons to seats.
Attendant, Conductor, Doorkeeper, EscortThe proper naming of the guests as per seats will help the usher do his work.
The degree or space to which something extends.
Amount, Degree, Duration, MeasureExtremeThe extent of the companies by the Reliance group is limitless.
Faithful attachment.
Attachment, Loyalty, Obedience, FaithfulnessDisloyalty, Inconstancy, UnsteadinessHis adherence to the policies of the political party was admired by everyone.
An outstanding example. Framework shared by members of any group.
Archetype, Chart, Criterion, IdealThe organisation’s business paradigm has been shared with everyone.
The act of imposing upon some person.
Administration, Application, Imposition, ProsecutionAbandon, Disregard, Forgetfulness, NeglectThe law enforcement agency works to prevailing the law and order in society.
AbsolveVerbTo free from guilt or accusations.To grant pardon.(दोषमुक्त करना)Acquit, Exempt, Forgive, RelieveAccuse, Blame, Censure, ChargeThe judge absolved Ramesh of all the charges.
To modify or change through a formal procedure.
Ameliorate, Better, Help, PerfectWorsen, Bad, Lower, HarmThe law was amended as there was a requirement to think for the neglected sections of society.
A watch over a person, premise, or any activity to gather information.
Care, Watch, Guidance, RegulationCarelessness, Ignorance, Neglect, IndifferenceThe house of the suspect was kept under surveillance.
An inadequate supply or scarcity.
Crunch, Deficiency, Failure, LackAbundance, Amplitude, Opulence, PlentyThe cinema hall owners felt a dearth of a dependable blockbuster movie for the entire year.
EnsureVerb(सुनिश्चित करना
To make sure or guarantee.
Assure, Cinch, Guarantee, Establish, ProtectEndanger, Harm, Hurt, InjureThe coach ensured the success of the hockey team.