Word/PhrasePart of Speech/IdiomMeaningSynonymsAntonymsExample
Heed, Pay attentionThe audience harked to the
A minor change or addition designed to improve a text, piece of legislation, etc.
Modification, Revision, Suggestion, AddendumRepose, Rest, WorseningThe proposed amendment in the bill will be soon discussed.
विधेयक में प्रस्तावित संशोधन पर जल्द ही चर्चा होगी।
Separation, Segregation, Quarantine, Insulation, ConfinementHe was kept in isolation so as to protect him from attack.
CondemnVerb(निंदा करना)
Castigate, Censure, Chide, CriticiseApprove, Laud, Endorse, PraiseThe government condemned the terrorist attack.
सरकार ने आतंकवादी हमले की निंदा की।
Feeling or showing caution about possible dangers or problems.
Attentive, Circumspect, Considerate, FrugalCareless, Certain, Inattentive, Inconsiderate, IndiscreetSmall children should be wary of strangers.
MyriadAdjective(बहुत बड़ी संख्या)
Countless, Endless, Multiple, InfiniteBounded, Countable, Limited, MeasurableThere are myriad problems in this business.
SacramentNoun(धार्मिक अनुष्ठान)
A thing of mysterious and sacred significance
Communion, Liturgy, Celebration, CeremonyBreak, Denial, Divorce, NeglectMarriage is considered a sacrament in India.
भारत में विवाह को एक संस्कार माना जाता है।
BrookVerb(बर्दाश्त करना)
Countenance, Tolerate, Abide, AllowDisapprove, Avoid, Disallow, HoldRajneesh brooked all the pain because of his mother.
The state of having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone.
Doubt, Hesitancy, Indecision, UncertaintyCertainty, Sureness, DecisivenessHe signed the deal but with ambivalence.
Crush, Decimate, Demolish, DepleteBuild, Construct, Mend, Repair, AdornThe shop was ruined by the robbers.
लुटेरों ने दुकान को क्षतिग्रस्त कर दिया।
Old fashioned, Outmoded, Old, FormerContemporary, Current, Modern, NewThe outdated equipment was discarded by the school.
Recompense for injury or loss
Indemnity, Payment, Restoration, RebateDissatisfaction, Penalty, Fee, TakingThe wife asked for restitution for all the losses she faced because of her husband.
Relating to marriage or the relationship of a married couple
Marital, Matrimonial, Marriage, WeddedThe girl demanded her conjugal rights.
लड़की ने अपने वैवाहिक अधिकारों की मांग की।
Belonging to a period other than that being portrayed.
Archaic, Outmoded, Obsolete, AntiqueModern, Present, Fresh, Up-to-dateRaju rebelled against the anachronistic principles of his parents.
Statutory Adjective(वैधानिक)
Required, permitted, or enacted by statute.
Lawful, Legal, Judicial, RightfulIllegal, Illicit, Unlawful, IllegitimateThe authority has statutory powers to conduct its business.
The legal status of a married woman, considered to be under her husband’s protection and authority.
Earlier married women did not have the right to hold their own property because of coverture.