WordPart of SpeechMeaningSynonymsAntonymsExample
Of uneven surface.Marked by bumps or uneven surfaces.
Choppy, Jarring, Uneven, JerkySmooth, Calm, Level, EvenThe rural roads in some parts are still bumpy.
AmidPreposition(के बीच)
Sin the middle of.
Among, Mid, Midst, Through, AmongstAway, Beyond, Far, OutsideIt was impossible to hear the Phone call amid all the sounds in the concert.
Responding to slightest of change or influence.
Airy, Exquisite, Beautiful, Cautious, SubtleIndelicate, Stront, Uncarefull, Robust, Strong, Sturdy, RigidThe spare part of the machine was so delicate that its transportation cost was double of regular.
PoisedAdjective(एक रचित और आत्मविश्वासी तरीके से होना।) 
Characterized by easy composure and balance.
Audacious, Certain, Bold, Composed, Aloof, Amiable, Gentle, ImpassiveAgitated, Excessive, Excited, AngryThe entire crew was poised even after their loss of award.
Lasting tenaciously. Constantly repeated.
Constant, Continual, Endless, PatientBroken, Ceasing, Disloyal, TerminableThe persistent efforts made by Chestha made her successful in her business.
Goods for sale.
Commodity, Material, Product, StockThe youtube channel has launched a lineup of merchandise.
A loss in some operations. Deficiency in amount.
Loss, Shortfall, Scantiness, ShortcomingAbundance, Satisfaction, Success, SufficiencyThere has been a financial deficit in the department.
ElevatedAdjective(ऊपर उठाया हुआ)
Raised above the ground level.
Exalted, Inflated, Eloquent, RaisedDwarfed, Little, Dropped, ImmoralThe house has been elevated from the ground by 6 feet.
Even though
Although, Even if, Notwithstanding, Even thoughIt was an enjoyable, albeit expensive trip.
Strongly built.
Booming, Hearty, Potent, PowerfulAiling, Unfit, Fragile, ImpotentThe photo frame at his house is robust.
UpendVerb(समाप्त कर देना)
To affect drastically. To place back-end up. To defeat.
Alter, Backtrack, tip, Transpose, Abolish, Conquer, Crush, LevelEstablish, Fail, Yield, InstituteRajesh upended his bicycle to fix the flat tire.
HeadwindsNoun(विपरीत परिस्थितियों)
Wind in the opposite direction of the course of movement. A situation that is unfavourable to the course of action.
OppositeSupport, CatalystThe headwinds faced by electric vehicle manufacturers are now at ease.
An act of paying out or releasing the amount for some purpose.
Contribute, Dispense, Distribute, ExpendHold, Keep, Take, AttachThe disbursal of funds will depend upon the proposal sent by your team.
The act or process of introducing an antigen into a living organism.
Injection, Shot, Prevention, VaccinationIndia has achieved the largest number of inoculations.
The rise in prices. Optimistic about something.
Cogent, Commanding, Energetic, StrongApathetic, Idle, Impotent, WeakMr. Jhunjhunwala is bullish about the Indian Economy.
The degree or space to which something extends.
Amount, Degree, Duration, MeasureExtremeThe extent of our company should be limitless.
Causing or tending to cause impairment of strength.
Exhausting, Taxing, Draining, SappingStrengthening, BolsterRajesh has debilitating pain in his leg.
A group of two or more acting in conjunction.
Club, Company, Gang, LineupIndividual, Single, One, AloneThe salary reduction happens in tandem with the absence from work.
Topsy-TurvyAdverb(नीचे ऊपर का)
In utter confusion. With top where the bottom should be.
Backwards, Upended, In disorder, inside-outHarmonized, OrderedThe situation in middle-east has been topsy-turvy.
Adjective(नीचे ऊपर)
Confused or disorderly.
Chaotic, Tangled, Cluttered, Littered, DisarrangedBandbox, Crisp, Neat, OrderlyThe economic conditions turned topsy-turvy due to uncertainty about the lockdown.
A state of inversion of the natural order
ChaosPeaceThe stock market can be up or down, there can be profit one day and topsy-turviness the other day.