WordPart of SpeechMeaningSynonymsAntonymsExample
Something different from others or the general rule.
Challenge, Complaint, Omission, Anomaly, OddityNormality, Regularity, Standard, Commonality.He made an exception for the Indian Captain in terms of arrangements.
The act of giving someone some relaxation from some liability.
Discharge, Dispensation, Exception, ImmunityAccountability, Answerability, Liability, ResponsibilityHe was given some tax exemption because of his investment in the NGOs.
गैर सरकारी संगठनों में उनके निवेश के कारण उन्हें कुछ कर छूट दी गई थी।
DenyVerb(अस्वीकार करना)
To refuse or agree to.
Contradict, Disaffirm, Negate, Refute, Ban, ContradictAccept, Allow, Approve, Ratify, Credit, Help, Permit, OwnHe has denied his involvement in the scam.
उन्होंने घोटाले में अपनी संलिप्तता से इनकार किया है।
ClarifyVerb(स्पष्ट करना)
To free from confusion or explain. To make something pure.
Clear, Fine, Analyze, Define, Clean, Cleanse, Rarefy, RefineDirty, Muddle, Pollute, ConfuseThe minister clarified his position on the Farm Bills.
Morally of low standards.
Befouled, Begrimed, Bemired, FilthyClean, Immaculate, Spotless, UltracleanHe was never respected because of sordid methods of earning money.
A person who questions or doubts the validity of something.
Critic, Cynic, Rebel, RuinerBeliever, SupporterA section of politicians was sceptic about the efficacy of the measures taken by the health department.
CircumventVerb(धोखा देना)
To avoid a situation by artfulness or deception.
Beat, Bypass, Dodge, Avoid, Deceive, Evade, Prevent, ThwartAid, Assist, Encourage, FaceOnline delivery of gift cards circumvents the shipping and logistics.
TurnaroundNoun(एक अचानक या अप्रत्याशित परिवर्तन, विशेष रूप से एक जिसके परिणामस्वरूप अधिक अनुकूल स्थिति होती है।)
The total time consumed on the roundtrip. Change of policy.
U-turn, Turnabout, Switch, Annulment, Inversion, Doubleback, Cancellation, ReversalApproval, Enactment, ValidationThe turnaround for the entire process is expected to be 72 hours.
Shear(Past participle is Shorn)Verb(छीना)
To cut with something sharp. To deprive of something.
Bob, Crop, Dock, Nip, Mow, Prune, Shave, Snip The sheep were sheared by the farmers.
A pointed end. A point of transition.
Angle, Apex, End, Corner, Threshold, VergeKL Rahul is on the cusp of stardom.
Dishonourable conduct.
Discredit, Infamy, Obloquy, ReproachEsteem, HonourShe was fired from her job with ignominy.
MomentousAdjective(सब से महत्वपूर्ण)
Of very high importance. Having a great impact.
Big, Consequential, Crucial, EventfulInconsequential, Ordinary, Trivial, Little, SlightThe parliament took a momentous decision today.
Bona fideNoun(प्रामाणिक)
Made in good faith.Done with good intentions.
Genuine, Legitimate, Original, PureIllegitimate, Bogus, Fake, ShamI am accepting your proposal as I feel that was a bona fide attempt.
A story or narrative about a place, group or event.
Adventure, Chronicle, Epic, NarrativeHis first book was a saga of a family-based in Ooty.
Not mindful or not attentive.
Clueless, Ignorant, Nescient, ForgetfulAttentive, Conscious, Mindful, WittingHe was unmindful of the consequences of his stupid decisions.
To remain firm under suffering. To remain in the same state.
Brave, Experience, Feel, FaceDisallow, Halt, Refuse, DisapproveHe wants to get his legacy endured for centuries.
An act of assembling.
Aggregation, Assemblage, Collection, CompanyDivide, IgnoreThere was a muster of submissions for the sportsmen of the year award.
Verb(एक साथ लाने के लिए।)
To bring together.
Assemble, Collect, Congregate, ConvokeAvoid, Cancel, Dismiss, DemobilizeHe mustered all the citizens of the locality for the protest.
A period of decline or decrease.
Collapse, Crash, Dip, FallAscent, Rise, Boon, IncreaseThere has been a slump in the market capitalization of automobile companies.
Verb(गिर पड़ना)
To fall or decline suddenly
Collapse, Deteriorate, Droop, TumbleAscend, Build, Increase, RiseShe slumped while dancing with her husband.
A command from a higher authority to a lower one. The power that voters give to their elected leader.
Authorization, Commission, Delegation, EmpowermentBreach, Break, Denial, QuestionNarendra Modi has got the public mandate.
नरेंद्र मोदी को जनादेश मिला है.
To officially require something.
Call, Command, Dictate, DirectRequest, VetoThe central government is planning to bring a law mandating the recycling of plastic.
केंद्र सरकार प्लास्टिक के पुनर्चक्रण को अनिवार्य करने वाला कानून लाने की योजना बना रही है।