Section – A

(Descriptive Answer Questions)

Note: This Section contains six questions, attempt any three questions. Each ques-tion carries 20 marks. Answer must be descriptive.

1. Write a note on the judicial plan of 1793 of Lord Cornwallis.

2. Discuss the early judicial system set by the East India Company that lasted till 1726 at Madras.

3. ” The trial of Raja Nand Kumar was a Judicial murder. “Give your views for and against it.

4. Describe the main features of the Montague Chemsford Report of 1909.

5. What changes are affected by Indian High Courts Act, 1861 in the Administration of Justice?

6. Discuss the composition, jurisdiction and powers of Supreme Court set up in 1774. State also the difficulties arose due to its working.

Section – B

(Short Answer Questions)

Note: This section contains three questions, at-tempt any two questions. Each question carries 10 marks. 10×2=20

7. Describe briefly the constitution and jurisdic-tion of Federal Court in India.

8. What conditions were responsible for pass-ing of Pitt’s India Act? Describe in short its various provisions mentioning its importance.

9. Discuss the provisions of Charter Act, 1753.

Section – C

(Very Short Answer Questions)

Note: This question contains five parts, all parts are compulsory. There is no internal choice. Each part carries 4 marks. 4×5=20

10. (i) Recorder’s Courts at Madras and Bombay

(ii) Appellate jurisdiction of Sadar Nizamat Adalat

(iii) Writ of habeas corpus

(iv) Processes of Condification in India.

(v) Cabinet Mission Plan, 1946