NounA noun is a person, place or things.Person: Boy, Girl, Doctor
Place: Home, Park, School
Thing: Dog, Car, Hat
PronounA pronoun takes the place of a noun, or it may replace a person’s name.I, Us, We
Me, They, He
She, You, It
VerbA verb describes an action or a state of being.Action: Run, Think, Talk
State of Being: Am, Are, Was
AdjectiveAn adjective describes a noun or pronoun. An adjective also says what kind, how many, or which one.Happy, Strong
More, Five
This, That
ArticleAn article comes before a noun in a sentence and is a special kind of adjective.A: a boy, a car
An: an ant, an Ax
The: The Cat, The Box
AdverbAn adverb tells how, when, where, or to what extent.When: Yesterday
Where: Here
How: Perfectly
Extent: Completely
PrepositionA preposition is used with a noun or pronoun to form a phrase.At: at home
By: by the table
From: from here
With: with me
ConjunctionA conjunction joins words and groups of words within a sentence.and, except
but, also
either, or
InterjectionAn interjection is strong feeling or reaction.Uh-oh!, Oh!
Oh-no!, wow!
Hey!, Yeah!