List of Important Days in November 
1-NovemberWorld vegan day
5-NovemberWorld Radiography day
7-NovemberInfant Protection day World Cancer Awareness Day
9-NovemberWorld services day
10-NovemberTransport Day
14-NovemberChildren’s Day in India Jawaharlal Nehru birthday
16-NovemberInternational day for Endurance
17-NovemberWorld Student day National Journalism day
18-NovemberWorld Adult day
19-NovemberWorld Citizen day
20-NovemberAfrica Industrialization Day Universal children day
21-NovemberWorld Television day World Fisheries day
25-NovemberWorld Non-veg day
26-NovemberLaw day
29-NovemberInternational Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People
30-NovemberFlag day