Word Part of Speech MeaningSynonymsAntonymsExample
For humanitarian purposes.
Altruistic, Beneficent, Charitable, PatrioticMisanthropic, Miserly, Stingy, Uncharitable, SelfishThe organization is well known for its philanthropic work.
To press forcibly or to compress.
Crush, Express, Mash, PackRelease, Uncompress, Loose, Allow, ExpansionHe squeezed the juice out of the lemon.
To examine in detail with critical attention.
Analyze, Check, Comb, ExploreForget, Neglect, Ignore, MisunderstandHe closely scrutinizes every move of the competitors.
A person who believes in a certain set of principles and attempts to make others follow the same.
Clergy, Evangelist, Pastor, PreacherHe worked as a missionary of the Baptist church.
Opposite in direction or position.
Antipodal, Antithetical, Diametric, ContradictoryAgreeable, Consistent, Friendly, Equal, NoncontradictoryYour findings of the experiment are contrary to the facts.
Something that is the opposite.
Counter, Negative, Opposite, ReverseConforming, Friendly, Similar, AgreeableHe presented many logical arguments to prove the contrary of the statements of his boss.
DissentVerb(मतभेद करना)
To differ in sentiment or opinion.
Discord, Disunity, Objection, SchismAgree, Assent, ConcurThe two judges of the panel were dissenting about the rules.
Disagreement with the philosophy.
Conflict, Discord, Division, InharmonyAccord, Agreement, Concord, HarmonyThe dissents coming from senior doctors should not be ignored.
Based on a suggested idea.
Debatable, Imaginary, Speculative, TheoreticalCertain, Definite, Real, Factual, Actual, Sure, Reliable, TruthfulHe described a hypothetical case to prove his point.
VulnerableAdjective(जो सहज में घायल हो सके)
Open to attack or criticism.Easily hurt or harmed physically.
Endangered, Liable, Open, Susceptible, AccessibleInsusceptible. Unexposed, Safe, SecureThis is a vulnerable section of society.
EnhanceVerb(वृद्धि करना)
To raise to a higher degree.To increase or improve.
Ameliorate, Better, Enrich, BoostDecrease, Hurt, Diminish, LowerHis overall performance has been enhanced during last month.
The act of disclosing. 
Exposure, Disclosure, Divulgence, DiscoveryConcealment, Cover, Hiding, QuietHe made certain revelations against the captain in the press conference.