Distinction in the between Malice-in-fact and Malice –in-law may be shown in the following tabular form:

1. When an act is done with ill- will motive towards an individual then it is called Malice –in –fact or express malice .



But when an act is done wrongfully and without reasonable and probable cause , it is called Malice-in-law or implied malice. In malice-in-law, the act done must be wrongful or legal right must be violated.



2. In Malice-in-fact there must be ill-will or any vindictive motive of the defendant against the plaintiff.



While in Malice-in-law there must be
Concurrence of mind with a wrongful act done by the defendant without just cause or excuse.



Motive is the main ingredient upon which Malice-in-fact is based .
On the other hand , Knowledge is the main ingredient upon which Malice-in – law is based .