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Old and New Names of Some Countries – General Knowledge 2017

Old Name New Name East Pakistan Bangladesh Peking Beijing Kampuchea Cambodia Abyssinia Ethiopia Gold Coast Ghana Salisbury Harare Dutch East Indies Indonesia Persia/Mesopotamia Iran Constantinople/Byzaiu Istanbul Batavia Jakarta Nippon Japan Malaya Malaysia Burma Myanmar Ceylon Sri Lanka Leningrad St petersburg Formosa Taiwan Siam Thailand Togoland Togo Egypt United Arab Republic Rangoon Yangon Congo Zaire Northern Rhodesia Zambia Southern rhodesia Zimbabwe

The Vedic Period Indian History General Knowledge

VEDIC AGE Rig Vedic Age (1500-1000 B.C.) The Early Vedic period is known from the Rig Veda. The Rig Veda refers to Saptasindhu or...

Indus Valley Civilisation (2500-1750 BC) Indian History General Knowledge

The earliest excavations in the Indus valley were done at Harappa in the west Punjab and Mohenjodaro in Sind. Both places are now...

Ancient India History General Knowledge

Pre-historic India The history of human settlements in India goes back to pre-historic times. The archaeological remains are found in different parts of India...