Figures of SpeechDefinitions
Metaphor A metaphor is a comparison drawn between two different things that have something in common.
Example: The world is your oyster.
MetonymyMetonymy is the substitution of one phrase for another having a similar meaning in order to express something in an indirect manner.
Example: I remain loyal to the country.
OnomatopoeiaOnomatopoeia is a term that sounds like the sound it describes.
Example: My watch ticks loudly.
OxymoronAn oxymoron occurs when two words in a sentence contradict one another.
ParadoxA paradox is a self-contradictory assertion.
Example: Deep down Anna is really shallow.
PersonificationPersonification is the process by which a non-living object is given human characteristics.
PunA pun is a word play in which a word is used to change the meaning of a statement and add a double meaning.
SimileA simile is a term that compares one item to another by utilising the words like or as.
SynecdocheA synecdoche is a remark in which only a portion of something is articulated in order to refer to the entire item.
UnderstatementUnderstatement is a statement that is intended to be less essential than the message being conveyed.