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Sr. No.WordPart of SpeechMeaningExampleSynonymsAntonyms
1.ApportionedVerbTo distribute proportionally.
To divide and assign according to some rule of proportional distribution.

(बांटना / भाग करना/ प्रभाजन करना)
Funds are apportioned among the departments.

विभागों में राशि का बंटवारा कर दिया गया है।
Administer, Allocate, Allot, DistributeKeep, Withhold, Combine, Deny
2.PopulousAdjectiveDensely populated.
Full of residents.

(घना बसा हुआ)
American cities are very less populous as compared to Indian cities.

भारतीय शहरों की तुलना में अमेरिकी शहरों की आबादी बहुत कम है।
Crowded, Numerous, Various, PopulatedDeserted
3.SequentialAdjectiveForming or following in a logical order or sequence.

The company took a series of sequential steps to launch the product.

कंपनी ने उत्पाद को लॉन्च करने के लिए सिलसिलेवार कदम उठाए।
Subsequent, Consecutive, Constant, Continuous, FollowingNonsequential
4.FillipNounSomething which acts as a stimulus or boost to an activity.

Pm Modi’s involvement has acted as a fillip to motivate the players.

पीएम मोदी की भागीदारी ने खिलाड़ियों को प्रेरित करने के लिए एक प्रोत्साहन के रूप में काम किया है।
Boost, Flip, Charge, Incentive
5.ConundrumNounA riddle or puzzle.
An intricate and difficult problem

Parenting involves a conundrum of whether the decisions for your kids are going to be good or bad.

पेरेंटिंग में यह पहेली शामिल है कि क्या आपके बच्चों के लिए निर्णय अच्छे या बुरे होने वाले हैं।
Enigma, Mystery, Puzzle, Riddle, Secret
6.ActuarialAdjectiveRelating to the calculation of life expectancy based on some statistical data and calculation of premium rates, risks, and probabilities based on statistics.

The actuarial assumed returns of my fund are 22%.

मेरे फंड का एक्चुरियल अनुमानित रिटर्न 22% है।
7.LongevityNounA long individual life.
The duration of life.
Length of service.

(लंबी उम्र/ दीर्घायु/ आयु/ दीर्घजीवन/ लम्बी उम्र)
The company’s products and services are known for their longevity.

कंपनी के उत्पादों और सेवाओं को उनकी लंबी उम्र के लिए जाना जाता है।
Durability, Endurance, Lastingness, Old age
8.SimplisticAdjectiveOversimplified or simple.

He presented the theory in a too simplistic manner.

उन्होंने सिद्धांत को बहुत सरल तरीके से प्रस्तुत किया।
Childish, Condensed, Overly simplified, Oversimplified
9.ShortsightednessNounThe inability to see far.
The act of lacking in foresight.

Political short-sightedness towards North-East India was quite evident.

उत्तर-पूर्व भारत के प्रति राजनीतिक अदूरदर्शिता काफी स्पष्ट थी।
Carelessness, NeglectFarsightedness
10.ArticulateVerbTo give clear utterance to words.
To utter distinctly.
To pronounce clearly.
To unite as if using a joint.
To define something.
(साफ़ साफ़ बोलना/ सन्धियुक्त/ जोड़ा हुआ/ गाँठदार)
Our employer articulated various messages regarding increasing efficiency.Enunciate, Express, Utter, Mouth, Concatenate, HingeAsk, Question, Bumble, Disconnect, Listen, Disconnect, Disjoin, Divide
AdjectiveUttered clearly.
Expressing oneself clearly.
Able to speak.
(स्पष्ट/ व्यक्त)
We need some articulate speakers for the programme.Coherent, Eloquent, Expressive, FluentInarticulate, Unclear, Unintelligible, Misrepresented